Slow fashion vs. Fast Fashion

Why we are commited to slow fashion

We are a brand founded on the idea that clothing should be lovingly crafted under ethical conditions and made to last. We value quality over quantity. We prioritize our team over profits. We are small batch and not big-box. This is Slow Fashion.

Our main office in Fort Myers, Florida is where customer orders are cut and our fabrics are stored. Our design and quality control office is in Lakeville, Minnesota. Our seamstresses work in their home offices throughout the country. By keeping all aspects of our small business right here in the USA we can guarantee the quality of our designs and we know that the production process meets our quality and ethical standards. The value and expertise that our team members bring to our brand B&G supports them with fair and livable wages. We believe that our investment in the team is reflected back in the quality of their work.

For these reasons, when buying from B&G clients know that they are investing in quality pieces for their little ones that are ethical, small-batch made, and will look and feel great wear after wear. 
In 2022 we are committed to transitioning a majority of our fabrics to American milled,  Oeko-Tex certified and/or organic/eco friendly.

In short. An article by Forbes magazine explains, "Retailers have taught us that more is better, and thereby have created a huge consumption issue. The fast fashion industry is driving down quality, exploiting the environment and their workers to create cheap garments that do not last. Slow fashion is the exact opposite of this. It’s about creating mindful, curated collections based on quality finishes, versus pumping out large quantities of seasonal and trendy clothing."

Chemicals found in fast fashion fabrics:  "Out of 38 products ordered from fast-fashion giants, CBC Marketplace found one in five items had elevated levels of chemicals, including lead, phthalates and PFAS." (Stephanie Matteis/CBC)"Scientists found that a jacket for toddlers, purchased from Chinese retailer Shein, contained almost 20 times the amount of lead that Health Canada says is safe for children. A red purse, also purchased from Shein, had more than five times the threshold."

Slow fashion process

Behind the scenes

A process we've developed over the years that has sustained both busy and slower seasons has many moving parts. 
Once a design has been nailed down we print the pattern to scale, modify any changes to achieve a perfect fit and then prep it for production.  Fabrics are sourced based on contents, weight, quality and season. A new collection thus begins. 

Our team of cutters then precisely cut each pattern for sampling. Pulling notions, trims and tags to complete a single garment. This task alone is a very important step in our creative process.  Overseen with detail by a production manager the sample is then sent to our lead seamstress to be sewn. 

Sewing a sample can take anywhere from 1-3+ hours. The learning curve of a pattern, alterations, changes and more happen during this process. We work hard to ensure a perfect fit and flawless design. The lead seamstress is able to work through any changes and apply them to our pattern for future construction. This is where consistency becomes key in our designs. It's then communicated with the team so future orders can be executed correctly. Once complete it's off to be modeled! 

A slow and often time consuming process is the most rewarding. We've managed to create jobs for contractors right here in the USA all while creating beautiful and unique, one of a kind pieces.  Slow fashion at its finest.