100% Handmade

Brooklynn & Grey is a hand sewn clothing brand made here in the USA. Every detail matters to us, from choosing quality sourced fabrics, ethical pay and working with the finest seamstresses. The result is expertly-designed garments made with top-notch construction. 

handmade clothing


Unique + One of a kind

Our inspiration is drawn from the individuality of a child and the unique way they see the world. 

We offer a variety of fabric options and prints including hand painted designs by talented artisans, custom printed textiles as well as solids that coordinate perfectly with all of our prints and more.

Families choose B&G again and again because our playful, versatile and practical clothing is always top notch quality and on-trend.


“Be happy with what you have. While working for what you want.”

Born and raised in California Tiffany worked in both the clothing and make up industry for over 12+ years. Once she and her husband moved across the country she realized that her love for being home with her kids would fuel her to continue her passion for both the apparel and arts industry.  Brooklynn & Grey was started before the hand made clothing trend had yet to take off. Sourcing fabrics online was not as easily available and popular marketplaces like Etsy were still new to the online world.  However it was her custom prints, signature designs and ability to create authentic connections with her customers  that helped Tiffany blaze a trail for handmade clothing.

In 2018 Brooklynn & Grey was featured on The Today Show where they showcased an outfit from their Holiday Collection. They have since been on podcasts along with fashion segments on news stations across the country.

In 2021, Brooklynn & Grey launched a sister company, The Graceful Lamb. This has allowed her passion for design to expand into the child couture world and still keep Brooklynn & Grey true to their roots. 

As of 2022, Brooklynn & Grey has an office in Fort Myers, Florida and contracts a team of talented ladies across the country.  The products continue to be 100% handmade and the quality the seamstresses create have made the company an unmatched success in the small shop world. 

Today, Tiffany continues her passion of sewing and design for both companies while raising her growing family in Minnesota. 

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